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We are in the process of having the original blue prints and blue line drawing converted to CAD/CAM/CNC format for all Judson Superchargers.  As soon as this is accomplished. Judson will start to manufacture, or contract out to manufacture, OEM parts.  The first phase will be for Wolfsburg's Finest.  After the Volkswagen, we will then evaluate the requests for other Judson Products.  And if the demand is great enough we will manufacture the parts.

Judson's strength is the belief is that every customer should be treated as if they, the customer, is our only customer.

Wm. Haddon Judson, Judson Company

Company Profile

Since 1880 (Possibly earlier: 1859.  There are direct relatives who were involved in explosives and bridge building, supplying their own structural steel. ** ) the Judson Family have been involved in some form of mechanical and electrical engineering. It's a story of enterprise and innovation, from farming machinery, Judson Bros. of Collegeville PA, through to electronics for the defense and automotive industries. Of course stationed along the route was the Judson Supercharger, a product that was a natural spin-off from a small interest in producing custom made racing superchargers. The supercharger manufacturing unit was part of Judson Bros. of Collegeville PA, who made farming machinery, and was absorbed into the parent company, Judson Research and Manufacturing Company of Conshohocken PA.

Production superchargers were developed in the late '40s starting with a sliding vane supercharger for the Flathead Ford V8. A new supercharger for the popular British MG TD sports car followed in the early '50s.Production continued for a few years at a modest rate but the breakthrough came when in 1956, a version was produced for Wolfsburg's finest and with the explosion in popularity of the Beetle in the U.S., production was moved to a new factory to cope with the increased demand. 

W. Haddon Judson, Sr. was the prime mover in the development of the company and in the technical innovation of the supercharger aided by his brother Charles. New models were added steadily over the years until the full range included superchargers for MG TD, TF and MGA, Renault Dauphine, Triumph TR3 and 4, Mercedes 190SL, Volvo, Austin-Healey Sprite, the Corvair and of course two versions for Volkswagens. The two VW types were a natural progression. The first was for the 30/36hp engine and the second for the 34/40hp unit introduced in August 1960. For the Karmann Ghia the kit included an aluminum air scoop for the deck lid but in all other respects the two Judsons fitted across the range until the advent of the 1500 in 1967. *1  (Profile courtesy of John Moxon).

Judson Bros. of Collegeville, Pa was sold to (name here) in 1952.

Other Judson Companies and entities in the future.

If you would like to participate in the process of re-issuing Judson items please contact: JUDSON
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